Journeys would be boring if there was only one road to take

As a child moving from the vibrant colors of Puerto Rico to the gray clouds and mossy nature of the Pacific Northwest, I began a color journey that would lead me to create  color inspired by the simplistic emotional reactions we have to the beauty of colors in nature, where no color is out of place — a bold color philosophy that says, “There are no bad colors, only bad color combinations.”  

Sometimes the only road before you is the one less traveled

I changed majors like I changed hairdos. I tried Art Therapy, Architecture, Fashion Design and settled for Graphic Design and worked for Estee Lauder as a Training Consultant while getting my BA at Portland State. After college, I got jobs in outside sales for Phillip Morris and Bristol Meyers Squibb. Once I had my kids, I took on the job of a stay-at-home mom and began to create collage art between naps and play dates. My work sold in galleries, particularly White Bird Gallery, where gallery owners like Evelyn Georges and Gunnar Nordstrom became mentors and friends. I even had an art piece in a curated collection sell out of the Bellevue Art Museum during the Bellevue Art Festival. It was referred to as "Prozac Art" by one buyer because my colors and patterns made everyone feel good the instant they saw it. You would often find me at garage sales hunting for "out of trend" colors that reminded me of my childhood. I collected every avocado, flamingo, and turquoise thing I could find.

I mixed my own paint colors so that the colors I loved "looked like they were meant to be". What I didn't expect was that everyone loved my colors so much they began to ask for my help. I couldn't refuse. I started creating one-of-a-kind original paint colors for walls. The colors I crafted were not subject to trend; they were subject to principles of nature, art, design, space, and cosmetics: a sum of my color experiences. I made them "trend-proof". And I was thrilled to share them with others. Once again my art was making people instantly feel good. I went from making "Prozac Art" to making "Color Therapy For The Northwest". And like everyone else I thought I could just go down to the hardware store and match my colors in any paint.  I was wrong. |  BACK TO TOP

Unknown destinations have twists and turns

I told a painter to match my meticulously hand-crafted color in a good quality paint. He did. Then I got the call for my client. My beautiful and perfect paint color had turned into a Barbie-skin-pink-fleshy-taupe covering over 6,000 square feet of wall. The color was not only jarring and wrong next to the oak floors and walnut furniture, the sheen was "sweaty" looking. The painter told us the sheen would die down in 90 days. That's like telling a woman that her hair color will be OK in 90 days. I went home and had a martini. I knew that if I wanted to make people happy with paint color I was going to have to have my own paint. | BACK TO TOP

Being lost is an opportunity to ask for directions

Initially I was turned down by every regional paint manufacturer. One even said, "we have 12,000 colors, why would we need your 89?" He had a point but no vision. My colors were not the same. They still aren't. But I did find someone who would help me. My first version of Devine Paint was borrowed from a regional paint manufacturer that made paint for trailer parks. Needless to say, it wasn't the best paint, but I finally had paint in which I could trust that the colors I specified was the color you were going to get. That lasted a year. I began selling Devine out of my trunk and soon after its success, another regional manufacturer stepped in, in 2001, and let me oversee the crafting of Devine Color Paint from a woman's point of view. This second version of Devine Color Paint took the Pacific Northwest by storm. It had a woman's fingerprint all over it! | BACK TO TOP

Arriving at an unknown destination feels like a joyride

Today I am proud to engage in Artist-to-Manufacturer collaborations with other companies who honor and value artistic sensibility. Valspar manufactures and distributes Devine Color Paint through independent paint dealers, Amazon, Target, and devinecolor.com. Devine Color Floor is the US partner of MFLOR, now available in Wanke Cascade Floor Distributors in the Pacific Northwest and online. Devine Bath takes my colorful approach to color and my trend-proof design philosophy and makes it effortless to remodel a bathroom remodel in as little as 5 days. Whether it's luxury vinyl color collections that make trend subject to us, or wallpaper that allows us to change trends because it's repositional, let's just say I want a world that is truly "Devine" from the ground up. | BACK TO TOP