When You Join Cow

When you join COW you will be a part of a blog I am calling Apple & Orange Wisdom. Each post will have a brief observation about wisdom that I hope ignites great thought. There will be three questions that will ask you to think about experiences in your life that led to wisdom gained as it relates to the topic and those you consider a mentor (living, deceased, friends, or strangers) that have embodied this wisdom and how. The goal is to want to contribute these stories and submit them so I can post them anonymously for COW members to learn about journeys crafted by wisdom. 

Why Apple & Orange Wisdom?

The old saying "comparing apples and oranges" is a perfect analogy to discuss wisdom in a new way; through differentiation rather than explanation. The color Orange is symbolic for communication, confidence, happiness, healing, creativity, compassion, passion, and warmth. Apples, regardless of color, are center stage to stories of witches who casts spells, serpents who cause trouble in gardens, and children who can't tell lies. Apples and oranges, while being different are both fruit, and therefore, categorically the same. This is "right". No one wants to argue over using oranges to make apple pie or apples to make a Screwdriver when a recipe calls for fruit. This is "wise". In life we often find ourselves arguing over "not seeing things the same" rather than understanding differences that "produce" (no pun intended) outcomes we want. 

Knowledge Is Not The Same Thing As Wisdom

The usage of the word “wisdom” has dramatically declined over the years while the usage of the word “knowledge” has remained steady. The usage of the words “conflict” and “problem” have risen exponentially at the same time. My wisdom tells me that having “clear and certain mental apprehension” is not the same thing as being just, discerning, or insightful. Maybe instead of saying “Should’a Known Better” we ought to be saying, “Be Non The Wiser”. See below. What does your wisdom say?
The word “problem” requires answers or solutions. When you are in debt, you can seek financial advice or even bankruptcy. Problem solved. If you are unhappy with your marriage you can seek either counseling or divorce. Problem solved. If you have doubt you can seek certainty. When you have difficulty, you can seek support. “Conflict”, on the other hand does not require answers or solutions. Contradiction, disagreement, or struggle can eternally exist based on justification. My wisdom tells me that every unsolvable problem is really a conflict that requires being just rather than justification to solve problems.
  • Can you think of a problem that couldn't solve because it was really a conflict?
  •  What's the difference between being just and having a justification?
  • Can you share a personal story of a situation where being just over justifications resolved a conflict that solved a problem and the wisdom gained from it?

"I just didn't trust myself"

I don't remember problems not getting solved as much as the doubt I always feel while waiting for the solution. There is a woman I work with that always seems to find solutions that work for everyone. I think she has the ability to see problems as a challenge rather than a problem.