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I wanted to let everyone know what a joy Gretchen is to work with and how fabulous her paint looks in my new house. Without even stepping foot in my place, Gretchen agreed to have an iChat consultation to determine the most aesthetically pleasing color pallet for my home. It only took about 20 mins and presto! She chose a bunch of colors separated into two different palettes, stuck them in the mail and sent them my way. A week or so later after they arrived we did another online consultation, she chose the final colors, ordered the paint and infused my walls with vibrant and rich tuscan flavors. Before I contacted Gretchen I had been searching for the correct color tones for over a month with ZERO success. After my painting work was complete my house was absolutely perfect and it is all due to Gretchen's fun and enthusiastic personality and her remarkable gift for seeing colors and spaces. I would honestly recommend her and her paint to any friend or colleague with full confidence that they would be 100% satisfied. Thank you again for your guidance Gretchen, you are awesome!!!


These aren't the best pictures and I hope to get better ones.  However, I wanted to show you the amazing transformation at the beach house.  My favorite colors are Guajira and the Guava but we are very pleased with the De Leche and Ginseng also.  Our painter never stopped raving about the colors.  He would check in with me every day or two and let me know how it was going.  He said we had spoiled him for the next client as he enjoyed our color choices and the house so much. Thank you again for all your help.


I just finished painting my living and dining rooms with your Devine line of paint and I wanted to tell you how wonderful and lustrous the paint is! Well worth the extra money. Goes on beautifully and dries very nice. We live in a small, rural Montana town and I am the very first person in town to use this paint. I will tell everyone how great this paint is! The colors are gorgeous and were so easy to match up. I went with the Devine mocha and the Devine Clay. What a great combination. This paint is truly "divine"! Patty 

Darcy & David

We learned about Gretchen when we decided to paint the entire inside of our newly purchased, 1932 home thirteen years ago.  We did not have the talent to pick the colors ourselves, so we searched to find help from color professionals.  Before we found Gretchen, we had used four others.  It was painful.  We did not connect with any of them and wasted a lot of our time and money.  Right when we were about to try picking the colors ourselves, we found Gretchen Schauffler.  The minute she walked in the door, we knew she was the one.  In about thirty seconds, she was telling us exactly what needed to be done, zero hesitation… my type of gall!  I was so relieved to finally find the one.  I was starting to think I would have to pick the colors myself, which I knew would not be good.  The colors Gretchen picked were nothing what we expected.  They were loud, confident, but yet soft and subtle somehow.  It instantly reminded me of a ring I didn’t purchase, but had always regretted.  A statement… large, bold, hand pounded rustic sterling, but yet so delicately surrounded by little diamond chips.  The perfect balance!  We still love the colors in our house that Gretchen picked for us years ago.  I honestly think they will last a lifetime. We recently met up with Gretchen again, twelve years later, when we decided to remodel our kitchen.  We had decided to go with color custom appliances, but were overwhelmed with all of the colors choices available.  There were at least twenty different shades of each color.  She has a great way of making everything in the house flow and our kitchen has always been the eye sore of our house.  Our kitchen designer said that the appliances we picked would not go with our house because they were not the right style.  I wasn't sold on her comment.  In my mind, these retro appliances just had to become a part of our house and we needed a second opinion. We knew to ask Gretchen because she is really honest and blunt.  She makes it clear if she doesn't like something and will not be shy to tell you.  We sent her photos of the appliances and set up a meeting. When she first walked into our house, she proudly stopped for a moment to look at the colors she had picked so many years prior... she was very proud and still very confident with her past decision making.  Moving to the kitchen she says, “you have two choices, red or blue.  Which one do you want?”  I was shocked that she could narrow it down to just two colors in about two seconds, but first I asked if she even approved of the style of appliances.  She looked at me as though I was an idiot.  “Are you kidding me, these are gorgeous and would fit in anyone’s kitchen if they knew how to put them together.”  I was so excited and floored at her confidence once more.  Once we picked the color, we all met at Ann Saks Tile to pick out the rest of the kitchen.  It was like watching a modern day Picasso at work.  She picked out the wall color, kitchen tile, flooring, cabinet and trim colors… everything we would need in our kitchen in one hour.  She even picked the grout color.  No detail is too small with her.  She is the most incredible color consultant out there.  I honestly dare you to find someone better.  It just won’t happen!!  Gretchen Schauffler is the color whisperer.


It is important to know I am a thrifty (and sometimes) stubborn DIYer. However, I like to buy quality once, not cheap repeatedly. And I usually insist on doing it myself. This is important to know because while I am thrifty, quality paint is of high value to me for SO many reasons. After many weeks I settled on two beautiful Devine paint colors ordered online, and got started painting after they arrived. After I got the first color cut in, I almost cried. OK, maybe a lot of tears came out. The colors changed from can to wall because my floors, cabinets and counters reacted in an unexpected way. 

I was thoroughly humbled and sought out help-something usually quite difficult for me.  So, I sent out an SOS call- literally! Gretchen swooped in and saved my sanity. My husband was grateful in many ways.  I shared my story with her over the phone and emailed some pictures.  She had compassion on me and assured me it was going to be alright. Several days later, I received large samples of colors I would not have considered on my own. And honestly I was a bit afraid of how dark some of them were. 

I took them around my home studying their reaction with our belongings, flooring, counters. I was astounded. Even my husband of few words couldn't help bit exclaim "Wow! That is amazing! That is definitely the color." We are now overjoyed to have beautiful color in our home and my sanity restored. Gretchen's help was invaluable to us. This service is highly, highly recommended


Thank you so much for all of the ideas! I love color and all of the wood in my home was throwing me off! I have spent many dollars on consultants and paint and just still it did not feel right. I now have a bunch of suggestions that look great. I am still trying to figure out the kitchen… not sure of all of the blue. Any other suggestions for that are welcome! Thank you again- so nice to work with you and get your assistance! I appreciate you helping a loyal customer that drives 2 hours for Devine Paint, but now I can order online! Warm Regards, Jen


Gretchen, Thanks so much for adding your blog to the website. It’s a great compliment to your book which has inspired me to think of color in a new way! Re: fireplaces I recently re-painted an inset wall (either side of fireplace) Devine Rain. The wall was a neutral wheat color and flooring Myrtlewood—so lots of yellow/orange in the room. The fireplace is Sierra Antique rock w/ red, brown, orange rust with gray/blue slate undertones. Devine Rain allows the gray/blue color to pop and focuses attention to the beauty of the rock. Devine Rain is a lovely accent color in the great room. —


Hello, Received my order a couple of weeks ago. The painters opened a gallon and said, "Wow, no odor and it looks like yogurt! Can we get a spoon and have a taste?" My thoughts exactly. I have ordered Devine paint before and I knew what to expect with this order. Pure beauty! Thank you a million times, Lupe


I just want you to know that I LOVE your paints!!! I just want to paint EVERY room…. I have a little farmhouse up on Whidbey Island and there the living room has one wall of Roast, one wall Hazelnut and the two others are Crunch. I just love them!!! Here in Seattle I am just in the process of painting my family room Elephant. I am so amazed at the change in the whole feeling in there now. Thanks so much for coming out with these colors… AND I love the fact that the paint doesn’t smell at all!! The only sad part for me is I don’t think I have enough walls in my life .


Thanks for your help with sloped ceilings! You encouraged me to choose color for the walls/ceilings and I am in the process of choosing the stunning color. 


I was talking about using Bavarian and 75% Bavarian in my house. I was concerned about the intensity of the color in my small areas. I started in and loved it, and then went and purchased a gallon of Cappuccino for some of the walls. These two colors are fabulous together. I have noticed that I have to actually point out the differences to people – it seems that untrained eyes don’t notice, they just know that it feels good. The flow is fabulous.  As much as my husband wasn’t convinced that we needed to paint, he loves it. When his twin brother’s home was vandalized and needed a makeover he offered for US to come and paint it for him. When I started to put colors together for him, he was AMAZED and what could be done with a little 750 sq. ft house which has been painted all white since he has lived there. 


Thanks Gretchen! The photos are great and your advice is so interesting! It has me thinking about completely new possibilities...blues, for example. On a different note, my husband always sees the (invisible to me) undertones in colors and I usually tease him about “seeing things that aren’t there”.......he now feels vindicated thanks to your advice about undertones in colors… I’m sure I will never hear the end of it! I ordered some palettes so that we can get started on our research. Thank for your help and for your fine website.  

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