Devine Color Consulting

Residential Consulting Package

✓ FaceTime/Skype consultation
✓ All 19 Devine Color collections
✓ A color plan with 6-8 paint colors
✓ 6-8 full-size 8" x 11" swatches
✓ Two free gallons of paint
✓ 20% off Devine Color paint for life
✓ Free shipping

OVER $600 VALUE FOR JUST $249.00

Why you need this
Recoloring your home can be a little overwhelming. Between passings trends, financial restrictions and perfectly photoshopped room scenes in magazines and blogs — we can start to feel as though our "stuff" looks tired, outdated, or irrelevant. What starts out as an exciting paint project can quickly becoming a daunting experience. I want to bring a feeling of well being with a unique approach to color. My process is inspired by the simplistic emotional reactions we have to the beauty of colors in nature, where no color looks out of place. You can create a beautiful and emotive home environment without refurnishing your entire house — sometimes all you need is a little color! 

How it works
The process is simple, once you sign up for a consultation and schedule an appointment, I’ll immediately send you a full set of Devine Discovery Cards (made from real paint) so that you can begin to explore the colors you love in your home — and hold them in your hands as we discuss color options.

Next, I’ll ask you to send me some photos of your space. They key is to examine all of the permanent aspects of the home (flooring, counter tops, cabinets, wood, stone etc.) so that I can begin to develop a color palette that complements the entire home environment. Photos of furniture and art will help too! Click here to see examples.

By the time our FaceTime/Skype appointment arrives, I will already be familiar with your home environment. I will have prepared a beautiful, completely personalized color palette for you to consider and explore in your home. We’ll have an hour to discuss your options over FaceTime or Skype (a simple phone call will work too). Then, I’ll send you all of your new colors in giant 8-by-11-inch Deluxe Swatches (also made from real paint) so that you can confirm your choices.

Devine Color Consultation

Your $249 package includes:

✓ FaceTime/Skype consultation with Gretchen
✓ All 19 Devine Color collections
✓ A custom color plan with 6 - 8 paint colors
✓ 6 - 8 full-size 8" x 11" Deluxe Swatches
✓ Two free gallons of Devine Color paint
✓ 20% off Devine Color paint for life
✓ Free shipping

Follow up
I’m always here to answer any follow up questions you have, and to give you the color advice you need — whenever you need it. When you're ready to buy paint, you can have it shipped to your door for free, or pick it up from a local dealer at a time that suits you*

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"She is the most incredible color consultant out there. I honestly dare you to find someone better. It just won’t happen!!  Gretchen Schauffler is the color whisperer".

— Darcy & David
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Finding the perfect colors has never been easier! Devine Discovery Cards and Deluxe Swatches are made from real paint to help discover and confirm your choices.

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