FAQs — Devine Color Floor

What are Devine Color Floors?

Devine Color Floor is a collection of luxury vinyl flooring that gives you a high-wearing fashionable look of wood and tile. They don't scratch or dent. They are water-proof and sound-proof. They come in trend-proof colors palettes that give you exactly the look you want. They are impossible to tell from the real thing. 

What is Devine Contact and how does it work? 

Devine Contact is a revolution in vinyl flooring that gives you a new flooring choice. It behaves like a permanent floor but can be easily repaired or replaced due to a fine absorbent textile mixed with a patented resin that holds like a permanent glued down floor but can be pulled up without leaving a residue.

Is Devine Contact the same as ‘Peel and Stick’ flooring?

There is a protective paper over our backing but thats where the similarity ends. Where traditional peel and stick flooring is cheap, thin, and permanent, Devine Contact is a high-end, durable and masterfully crafted plank or tile that is technically and aesthetically superior both in its adhesion system and pattern quality. It was originally created for commercial use.

Do I need to remove my existing flooring before I install Devine Contact? 

Depends! If your floor is completely flat (no grout lines), smooth and clean it can go over wood, vinyl, cement, and radiant heat without having to remove the existing flooring. If your floor is damaged, has grout lines or other imperfections that wouldn't allow for even pressured adhesion, then yes, you need to remove or repair the damaged or unsuitable sub-floor. Another option for something like grout on tile or large cracks in cement would be to lay a ‘skim coat’ to fill in the grout dents or cracks. Its less work that hammering out tile and laying new subfloor.

Where can I find product test and technical specifications?


Can I install Devine Contact myself?

Absolutely! If you can use a utility knife and cut a straight line, you can install Devine Contact. See Video

Does Devine Contact need to be glued in place?

No, under normal installation circumstances, you do not need to glue Devine Contact. However, if you are using it, say on a wall (think really cool wainscoting) then yes, you would need to use a conventional LVT glue. 



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