FAQs — Devine Color Paint and Color Tools

What are Discovery Cards and how do I use them? 

Devine Color Discovery Cards let you visualize color options holistically in the context of the light, architectural features, fabrics and furnishings surrounding them. Each 8-by-11-inch Color Discovery Card features 10-12 Trend-Proof Devine Colors artistically arranged around a viewing window that lets you easily compare shades and discover new color possibilities. As you look through the window at the things you love in your home, the shade that works best will practically pop off the page. It’s almost as if the color chooses you!

What are Deluxe Swatches and how do I use them? 

The Devine Deluxe swatch is an 8-by-11-inch swatch of radiant Devine Color that puts tiny chips to shame. Use it to visualize color around the room or create stunning mood boards. Available in all 209 Trend-Proof Devine Colors. Every color is thoughtfully created to complement natural materials in the home – highlighting subtle tones found deep in wood grain, on the surface of stone and woven into fibers of textiles.

Why is Devine spelled with an "e"?

I was looking for a company name that really expressed the spirit of the colors. I couldn't come up with one. No one could. Someone thought it was so hard that she told me I needed divine intervention. That was it. When I spelled it I automatically did it with an "e". I didn't even think about it until much later, when someone pointed out that it was either misspelled or my last name. I said neither, I just thought it looked prettier. 

What's the story behind the color names? 

Each Devine Color Creamy Wall Coating is hand-mixed on a canvas and home-tested. There is no one pushing buttons on a machine to create new shades. I name every color to evoke a connection between nature, culture, art — things we all have universally experienced as beautiful.

What does “Trend-Proof” color mean? 

I see everything in your home as a part of your color journey. Because everything is technically a "rainbow" color, paint colors have to surrender to what I call non-negotiable "rainbow" colors in your natural surfaces such as wood, stone, tile, fabrics and art. Because you don't live in showrooms, my paint colors also have to incorporate out-of-trend colors. This design principle is intrinsic to the way I blend colors on canvas. Once you discover a pattern of color combinations that work together, it is easy to achieve color harmony without monotony and contrast without conflict.  

Do you make exterior paint or only interior paint? 

Currently, Devine Color only makes interior paint.

Do you offer a primer? 

Devine Concealer™ is our wall primer. Apply this premium, ultra-creamy primer before using Devine Color Creamy Wall Coatings to help ensure your wall color is lush and smooth. This fast-drying, high-hiding formula covers stains and seals unpainted walls and porous surfaces including drywall, sheet rock and bricks. 


Is Devine Color a full-spectrum paint? 

No. The term "full spectrum" refers to paint in which no black pigments are used to create the final color mixture; rather, a mixture of many different colorants is used to achieve a black. Our colors have been formulated so the SMALLEST amounts of additional colorants are used to achieve the desired color. We believe this creates more color stability and more consistent color in different lighting scenarios.

Why do you only offer a few whites? 

Our whites have been formulated to coordinate beautifully with the rest of our colors. Vanilla, Whip, Icing, Lightning, Pique and Ewe are whites that look like a natural shades of the right "tooth enamel" next to wood, granite, and stone. 

Can Devine Color make a room look brighter? 

Light colors are fantastic in well-lit rooms where you can see the lightness of the color and the brightness of the walls. Unfortunately, even a light color can’t fully brighten up a dark room with little or no direct light. Devine Colors can’t change your light, but they can work with the light you have to make the most of it. So add an extra lamp or two and pick a color you love.

Can I lighten or darken a color? 

I use multiple colors to attain one color. If you use white to lighten the color, it will look lighter but it will disperse the original color mix in ways that are unintended, unwanted, and kills its organic or original quality. This is why you will find original lighter and darker versions of colors to achieve color harmony without monotony and contrast without conflict, without sacrificing the integrity of the colors. If you choose to lighten or darken one of the colors it is best done by reducing or increasing the formula at the time of tinting — not adding white. This would be a special order.

How does light affect color? 

Color is light and light is color. So when light changes, color changes. South side walls mean an extra dose of light and, therefore, more variations. North side walls mean little light, so have fewer variations — but more shadows to deal with. Devine Colors change with light along with all the other colors in a room, like your sofa color, rug colors, and so on. They have a natural light flexibility because of the light-enhancing pigments and quality of the paint. The paint captures light and disperses it across a wall to naturally illuminate a room. 

How does sheen affect the final color? 

Reflection plays a key role in the color and light relationship. The sheen or finish of a color interprets light into a version of the color. Think of paint color as fabric. The same blue in a cotton shirt or a silk shirt will look different. Select a particular Devine Color paint finish in order to give the color and your wall a specific look. Devine Delicate™ gives color life with luminosity like luxurious silk. Devine Powder™ gives color stillness with a buffed, matte look like suede. And Devine Luscious™ gives color glamorous lip-gloss shine like fine satin.

How to I select the right finish? 

The one-of-a-kind Devine Color sheens have their own way of reflecting light that affects the finished look of the color and the feeling of the room:

  • Delicate, our ultra-rich version of eggshell, disperses light and makes color feel lighter with an ethereal, glowing finish like luxurious silk. Perfect for dreamy bedrooms, charming great rooms and even state-of the-art kitchens. Luminously beautiful, yet able to stand up to the hustle and bustle of hallways and bathrooms.
  • Powder, our ultra-rich version of matte, absorbs light and hides wall imperfections. Makes color look powdery soft and irresistible like suede. Perfect for peaceful bedrooms, conversation areas and, of course, powder rooms. Brings a warm radiance to vintage, old-world and traditional-style rooms.
  • Luscious, our ultra-rich version of semi-gloss, reflects light and makes color look slick and shiny with a glamorously smooth finish like fine satin. Perfect shimmer for trim, dramatic, contemporary looks and moisture barrier for bathrooms, kitchens and laundry rooms. Great for creating eye-catching accent stripes and patterns.

What is Devine Dust™? 

To dial up the dazzle, add Devine Dust™ to any Devine Color Creamy Wall Coatings interior paint. Tiny metallic-toned mineral flecks, available in silver or gold tones, catch light and flicker on walls and ceiling after the paint dries. It creates an amazing effect in an entire room or eye-catching accent for ceilings, stencils, faux finishes or craft projects. Tone it down or turn it up: Add two packages per gallon for soft, subtle shimmer or three or more packages per gallon for bold, brilliant sparkle. 


How do I know how much paint I need to order for my project?

It's simple math. 

Is there a special way I should paint with Devine Color? 

It’s all in the rhythm and flow. Devine Color is ultra-creamy and smooth, so it stays where you put it on the wall without spattering and sagging. When you cut in with a brush, load the brush with a good amount of paint, wipe the sides and stroke confidently. Soak your roller in the paint for 5 minutes. Spread thickly on the wall, overlapping strokes. 

Is your paint safe to use around children and pets? 

Yes it is, although it might get a bit messy, so keep little hands and pet paws away from the paint tray. All Devine Color Creamy Wall Coatings are virtually odorless, zero VOC (as calculated by EPA method 24).

What tools do you need to apply Devine Color? 

A good quality brush and ½" nap roller work great. The more texture you have on your wall, the higher the roller nap should be to ensure you get paint into all the crevices. Keep your roller and brush properly soaked to help with coverage.

Can I use Devine Color on cabinets or furniture

You can use Devine on wood and previously latex-painted surfaces. For cabinets and trim we recommend our hardest finish Devine Luscious™. 

What is the square foot coverage of your paint? 

400 square feet per gallon.

How many coats will I have to paint? 

Our paint is able to cover in one coat in many cases; however, most homeowners choose to do two coats.

Do I really need to prime? 

As long as surfaces are properly sealed, previously painted or primed and in good condition, you’ll find Devine Color goes on like a dream. 

Is your paint washable? 

Yes, our paint is washable. Use a mild dish soap and soft cloth. Excessive pressure or rubbing with a coarse sponge could damage the finish.

How long will the paint last once opened? 

Stored in a cool, dry place with a proper seal on the can, Devine Color Creamy Wall Coatings can last for years. We do recommend storing extra paint in a container that is not see-through, and with as little air space as possible to extend the life of your paint.



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