Color Sensuality

On Color Singing

Why do people say when they see something is right that they hear it “sing”? You know like in a movie when two people first see each other across the room and the music begins, letting you know that the sparks of chemistry have begun?

Funny because that is how paint color is often explained- through chemistry, in a lab, with spectrums charts and modules. Don’t get me wrong there is chemistry to color, just like in love.

Hair turns gray due to chemical reactions. This is why we have mood rings.

When color is experienced as emotional chemistry it engages not only sight but other senses. It provokes emotion. Emotions make us feel things and apparently, they have soundtracks that speak to us personally. Color speaks to our senses and therefore it is sensual.

I am often asked why I don’t have color pictures in my book Devine Color: When Color Sings to illustrate what I am writing about. There are so many inspirational books and magazines full of pictures that I didn’t feel a need to show more. But I feel that there is a need to write about how to use color chemistry and hear color sing inside your head and heart.