One of my favorite Devine Color launching at Target highlights of 2014. We had a very fun night at Pucker in Soho talking about how makeup and Devine wall paint colors having a lot in common. They make custom shades of makeup. I make custom shades of paint colors. Back in the day I was an Estee Lauder makeup artist and trainer. The goal of makeup is never to cover up or exaggerate but to enhance. When you apply other shades of colors on a woman's  face it should make her own natural coloring brighter and more beautiful . What I learned working for Estee Lauder I apply everyday in my color work and my color consulting. I always say you can't wear navy blue on your lips just because you love it. Not every paint color belongs on your walls either. It has to be the right shade that enhances what is natural in a room. It needs to make everything in a room look brighter and more beautiful. That is what makes a home look and feel confident.