Being A Valentine

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I'm not the biggest Valentine’s Day person. Why? Probably because as a kid, Valentine's Day was so much fun, and as an adult, it became kinda weird. When you are a kid, Valentine's Day is not really about true love, it's about love in general. You give cards to everyone, chocolates and candy to some and flowers to few, but really the point of Valentine's Day is honoring what makes the world go 'round.

Then something happens when we get older. It turns into a combination of true romance meets Victoria's Secret. It becomes an expectation of being treated special because you are in love, not because you celebrate love. It's a holiday where women without romance or underwear to show feel un-special, and men can make up for a lack of attentiveness. We should get back to good intentions behind Valentine's Day, to celebrate love in all its forms. Let's give cards to our neighbors, give chocolates to our coworkers and ask a single friend to join you and your partner for a "What The World Needs Now Is Love, Sweet Love Celebration" Valentine's dinner. Let's make Valentine's Day a kid holiday again. Let's make it about real love.