Make It A Period Piece

Devine Color Denim walls show how cool a retro album collection and art can look trend-proof.

Devine Color Denim walls show how cool a retro album collection and art can look trend-proof.

We love to look at homes that are truly aspirational. Where every color matches to a tee and every piece of furniture is perfectly placed . But the people in these homes could die tomorrow and no one would know what they were all about. Homes like these are a in-the-moment trend statement. Someone else can move right in and no one would know because they are decorated to be a statement of what is happening now.

It's not historical, it's momentary. 

Architects, designers: stop thinking what you are thinking right now. I'm not talking about the good bone structure of a home or a timeless proportion of a design. I am talking color and only color. People get sick of color. Color gets tired, oversold, overproduced, over saturated. This is why these perfect in-the-moment trend statement becomes cautionary tales, such as avocado and burnt-orange kitchens of the 60's, and jewel-tone floral Waverley wallpapers of the 90's. They become old time capsules. Yep, you have about 10 years. You can see it happening now with Cherry wood floors and cabinets. They are being painted over or re-stained in gray colors as we speak. So is there a golden granite exchange for marble and gray cement countertops. That trend started and is ending about 10 years ago. Somewhere right now there is a wife or husband demanding change and their partner hysterical for having to change. If homes where just about timeless design, the design industry would shut down. But it only thrives because of color. 

Not everyone can afford a whole house in a trend statement or afford to redo of a leftover time capsule. In most homes, where people have a collection of memories and life, every color is part of a timeline.

Colors in a home are a combination of colors we love from childhood, memories, from way back when because you still love them, and colors you had no choice to buy because they came in certain colors and you had to make a choice which is a choice you wish you didn't have to make, which makes it (really) not a choice at all.

Some colors are out of date, some are current and some are trendy. The point of painting a wall is to make everything in your color timeline look like a pretty and cohesive. If you look at your stuff and think of it as baggage, transitional, or unimportant no paint color will make it look amazing. But if you look are your stuff as your life, where you are, here and now and embrace the good, the bad, and the ugly amazing things happen in this state of gratitude. Paint color can work magic if you are willing to surrender to color not as trend or decor, but as a color timeline that continues to forge ahead with you. This design principle is intrinsic to the way I blend colors on canvas and turn them into paint. It's not just paint. It's the best of you and what you have to share.