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Devine Reef | Devine Buffalo | Delicate Sheen

Devine Reef | Devine Buffalo | Delicate Sheen

How did you hear about and Devine Color Consulting? I heard about Devine Colors from my sister who lives in Seattle.  She had a color consultation by Gretchen - maybe 8-10 years ago.  She raved about it and I loved the outcome.  I ordered the swatches and for a short period of time we were able to buy paint from a company in Virginia, not too far from us. I discovered while looking at the Devine web site - I think while looking at Gretchen's blog. 

 What made you decide to seek color advice? When we painted our living room, we used a "faux" Devine color.  I was never really happy with the result.  As we have transitioned to LED lighting, I became more unhappy with the color.  We pulled out our old Devine color sheets and tried to select some new colors.  Nothing was really jumping out at us.  We wanted a new set of eyes.

 How did you feel about your home/room(s) before the consultation?  I love our house overall.  The living room color is looking too blue for us and the transition into the other rooms is too jolting.  The bathroom on the first floor is a beautiful color - but my husband has never loved it.  The girls bedrooms were just "teenage wastelands!"  We encouraged the kids to be creative - and they were!  Lots of graffiti on the walls and doors.

How do you feel about the home/room(s) now that you’ve painted? We have just begun the process by transforming the teenagers rooms into beautiful guest retreats.    We had my family visit this past weekend and they loved the rooms!  The paint was great to work with.  I can't wait to have more company!

What did you think of the consultation process? (What did you love? What can we improve on?) I thought the process was really creative. Taking photos and videos of the house helped us to start thinking about the color process.  It was good to get the color palettes ahead of time so we could begin thinking about what we liked.  The Face Time conference was really fun! (My husband said he felt a little like he was on the show "Web Therapy")