Excerpt From When Color Sings

"It is not what you know about color but the way you see it and feel it that makes its meaning important, because beautiful colors together resonate with your psyche and feed your soul. You were born to receive this gift. Here is how this gift works. You have eyes that allow you to see, but color enables you to understand the world around you. Color is a constant that is channeled through your eyes and into your brain. You are then able to translate that information into an understanding of beauty. When we see color in perfect relationships, we all understand the experience. Nature teaches us that color relationships are meant to be in beautiful combinations that we can all understand. It is called beauty. You can instantly recognize when perfect colors sing. When you see a sunset from your dining room window blazing in or look at the rich, deep, endless blues in the ocean or get lost in the details of color splashes on a canvas, you become enraptured. It’s almost a moment of transcendence, when you’re not just seeing individual objects, but feeling the fullness of life. That is the connection that color brings, one that gives you instant peace."  an excerpt from Gretchen's book, Devine Color: When Color Sings