From A Nice Bath to A Devine Bath

Devine Buffalo Walls

I had remodeled my bathroom seven years ago. We kept the existing shower, which at the time, was in really good shape. Between the contractor, a place planner, and myself, we had enough ideas to create a great bathroom space. When it was all done it turned out really nice. Seven years later I found myself launching Devine Bath and using my expertise to create and curate an effortless process, along with the very best products, to combine color convenience with trend-proof design. I wanted to put this new process to the ultimate test — my own bathroom. As a test I used the same bathroom I remodeled seven years ago because I felt that at the time, I couldn’t have done it better. It was very nice. The biggest challenge for me was the size. The bathroom was already fairly small, and the low seven foot ceilings and lack of windows didn't help. I wanted to make the most of a tiny space. The Devine Bath process helped us to find the perfect colors and products that would make the room look bigger and feel more open. The difference really is in the details — the results were stunning! Going through a questionnaire that takes inventory of the needs, aesthetics, and scope of a bathroom project made my choices effortless. This is the powder bath and I fell in love with an accent tile that brought all the colors in my home together. There is a seamless transition from expert choices to expert contractor. We found out that the wall between the sink and the bathroom could be removed. This opened the bathroom up to several possibilities I had never considered before. Notice how cool our new vinyl grout looks. My bathroom went from nice to Devine! Yours will too.

Shown: Devine BathDevine Color Floor: Queensland Oak | Devine Color: Devine Fog