​Fresh is the new Old in Elderly Care Design

Prior to my grandmother having a stroke at the age of 90, I had never walked into an assisted living facility. The current style and design in elderly care facilities are a combination of nostalgic decor and traditional formality. It's also very specific to the industry. 

Outside this industry decor and design changes and it's purpose is to make things look relevant and current.

We are in the middle of great change. The new generation of old people, the baby boomers who are downsizing expect to live in places that reflect current times, not time capsules. They are called the new Young Old. No wonder Portland's Pearl District is so popular among baby boomers. 

With this in mind, here is a sneak preview of the work I have been doing for the new independent living cottages being built by Marquis Companies in Tualatin, Oregon.

My philosophy: Transforming trend into trend-poof design. Designing with color-emotional benefits in mind. Fresh is the new old. Natural is the new formal.

The walls in the new Zero-VOC, LED formulated Devine Custard exude warmth with a creamy glow. Devine Color Falcata Oak floors, cabinet stain, and bright countertops create a fresh contrast. The patterned carpet weaves both gray and cream undertones in a sophisticated parquet pattern that compliments different types of wood tones such as cherry, walnut, oak, maple. I am also designing furniture with this philosophy in mind. Stay tuned... 

Marquis Cottages in Progress