Residential Color Strategies

“Our daily journeys end at the front door of our homes. When we walk in and leave the bigger world behind, we enter a personal sanctuary where we have gathered our belongings and created our own small world — a world we share with our loved ones, our families, and our neighbors. This is the world I want to talk about.” 

— Gretchen Schauffler

Changing your home into an emotive color environment
As a child moving from the vibrant colors of Puerto Rico to the gray clouds and mossy nature of the Pacific Northwest, Gretchen began a color journey that would lead her to create one of the countries most influential paint brands and earn herself a reputation as a color expert like no other. Gretchen’s unique approach to color is inspired by the simplistic emotional reactions we have to the beauty of colors in nature, where no color is out of place — a bold color philosophy that says, “There are no bad colors, only bad color combinations.”

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We don’t live in showrooms
Recoloring your home can be a little overwhelming. Between passings trends, financial restrictions and perfectly photoshopped room scenes in magazines and blogs — we can start to feel as though our "stuff" looks tired, outdated, or irrelevant. Caring about how an environment feels and not being able to make it feel good causes a subconscious level of environmental fatigue that affects our emotions. Gretchen knows this feeling very well. As a young stay-at-home mom the same limitations and feelings caused her to create paint colors that made people feel happy and passionate about their homes, where they were at, making everything meaningful and meant to be. In the last 18 years her ability to use color to change rooms from being well decorated to a feeling of wellbeing is her artistry and the mission behind Devine Color Consulting and all Devine Color products. 

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How our color strategies change your home
Creating a color connection in your home that results in daily feelings of well being is our number one goal. Gretchen and her team start by first understanding you, not by what you say, but by the pictures you take of your space and send us before we have the consultation. By the time we have the appointment,  you will see your home and your own journey in a new colorful way...

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Devine Color Consulting

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