How To Use Discovery Cards

If you don't know which Discovery Card collection to start with, get a couple of collections that have a combination of colors you are attracted to: Such as Vida De Lago, Wild Child, or Havana Del Alma. Once you discover colors you love and exist in your home you can then search for more variations in other collections. 

How to Use Deluxe Swatches

Deluxe Swatches are made with a special process that allows for the paint to be deposited and reflect our most popular sheen, Delicate. They only come in this one sheen. You can cut them smaller to use in your mood boards or tape around touch up gallons to easily see the color in the can. 

About Delicate Sheen

Devine Delicate is 100% Acrylic, Which means washable and durable. It's Zero VOC, and has little to no odor. But the real magic is in the way that it changes color into ambiance. It has a unique luster. This sheen gives walls more of a mood or a feeling than a color reality.